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The Product Boss’ Guide to Your Best Year Yet

An exclusive, free workshop series to help product-based business owners set themselves up for success in 2023!  

You’re here to make BIG moves this year.

And we're here to help!

We know, we know — you JUST came off of another busy year.
But those lessons you’ve learned? They’ve made you even STRONGER and are the foundation for the year ahead! You are strong. You are resilient. And you are going to do amazing things this year. 

We want to help you get ready to make BIG MOVES in 2023. Because we know you have MASSIVE goals for this year — and we have the tools to help you reach them!

So we’ve created a workshop series to give you three incredible strategies to help you kick off this year in a powerful way.

For most of our product-based business owners, we find three key areas typically keep them from reaching their full potential in their business:

  • Time. You’re already busy, and it can feel like you have to shove 100 hours into 40 when running a product business. How do you focus on the things that truly move the needle in your business? 
  • Scaling. You want to grow, but you feel like you can’t handle the influx of sales you want, especially if you’re making everything with your own two hands. 
  • Focus. How do you know which products to focus on? What should you put front and center to make it your most profitable (and easiest!) year yet?

That’s where we come in!

As we head into another year, we’re here to help you get everything you need in place so you can crush your goals and sell more than you ever have before. 

Let’s make this your best year yet!

Inside this workshop series, you’ll learn how to…
Get more done in less time, without burning yourself out, and be sure to focus on the things that truly move the needle in your business.
Scale your product-based business, even if you’re making everything with your own two hands (and even if you feel like you couldn’t handle the influx in orders).
Focus on the products that make you memorable in a saturated market.
Leverage THREE incredible strategies to kick off your year with a bang so you can have your best year in business yet! 

Here’s what’s waiting for you when you sign up:

workshop one

Take Your To-Do List to D-O-N-E!

Learn our 3 Life-Changing Time Hacks for Getting More Done in Less Time

Sign up and catch the replay instantly!

workshop two

The Maker’s Guide to Scaling

Grab the Secrets to Scaling Your Handmade Product Business

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workshop three

Unleashing Your Best Sellers

The Key to Choosing the Products to Help Your Biz THRIVE

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… plus access to our exclusive, pop-up Facebook community of fellow product-based businesses who are going through the workshops alongside you!
(Late to the party? There’s no such thing, friend! We’ve got the replays from each workshop available through February 5th. So grab that oat milk latte, flip open to a blank page in your notebook, and let’s get started!)


We’re Jacqueline + Minna.

We’re product experts, and we’re here to help you gear up for your best year yet!

You may know us from our Apple Top 100 Business Podcast, The Product Boss Podcast. 

Not only have our own product businesses generated millions over the years, but we’ve helped over 50,000 product bosses around the world scale their businesses, so they can finally have one that fits into their life and lifestyle! 

We’re the go-to experts in the product-business space, friend. And we’re so glad you’re here. Our students have made millions using our methods, and now we want to help YOU grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Trust us when we say we’ve seen and heard it all. We’ve been around long enough to know that running a product business can be a lot. (Like… make-it-a-double-espresso type of a lot!)

Which is exactly why we created this workshop series. We know from experience that when product bosses have the right tools and strategies, they can easily scale their business and make more sales than ever before.

We truly believe you can completely blow yourself away this year and CRUSH all of the goals you’ve set.

And we’re here to help you get ready to do it!

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These free workshops are perfect for you if you…

  • Feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done in your product-based business (let’s be honest… you’re already doing ALL the things!)
  • Don’t know how to scale, especially when you’re making everything with your own two hands.
  • ​Want to learn how to stand out in a saturated market. 
  • Are ready to have your best and most profitable year yet, and are ready to do it with ease. 

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